Welcome to the West Nipissing Claybusters!

All members of the Sturgeon Falls Rod and Gun Club benefit from the Claybusters' facilities which are also open to the general public as long as individuals are accompanied by a member of the Club.

Fees: One round of trapshooting comprises 25 targets. Club members can participate at a reduced-rate of $5 per round ($7 for non-members). 

Hours of operation:

 Summer Wednesday evenings - starting at 5:00 PM (until dark)
Sundays - starting at 10:30 AM
 Winter  Sundays - starting at 10:30 AM

We also host different trapshooting events which draw many amateurs and top ranking shooters. 

A couple of point about our sport...
  • Having fun and a safe and controlled area is our number one goal!
  • Most participants are using are 12 gauge shotguns
  • Ammo is limited to size 7 1/2 to 9
  • Trapshooting is fairly simple - You say pull, and our automatic trapshooting machines releases a clay target and you shoot the target before it hits the ground
  • 25 targets to shoot in a round
  • 5 people can shoot per round and they shoot 5 times from 5 different positions. The person that shoots the most targets is the winner of the round.

Please contact Denis Louiseize for more information. 

President - Denis Louiseize  705 753 0690